It´s only 50 days to go till we celebrate the Snowpark Kaunertal start again. It´s the 34. Opening and yes we are proud to have Europes traditional opening history. From 11. to 13th october we this start in the season.

Last years new #naturerun will be pushed with new obstacles and due to super springtime snowfalls we guarantee a perfect run during the opening weekend out of natural snow depots.

We won´t stop the developement of the event and this year we introduce a brand new “contest” format with the OPEN JUDGED SESSIONS and euro 6.000,– prize money. It will be an overall judging during the whole wekkend.  This is the beginning of a new overall shred battle for everyone – no matter if a PRO or Amateur – just shred together, have fun and show the skills. super stoked for that.

Beside that of course there are again plenty of side events, djs, partys and of course the FREE TESTIVAL with more than 40 brands and the newest and fresh gear of the season. And the street of Feichten…are closed again for …. you know what….

….check all info here and like the event on Facebook!

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