Sep 4, 2019

Early Bird Packages – Now available!!

Early Bird Packages – Now available!!

As used, we offer the special „all-round carefree package“ for everyone.

New this year: the KTO Camping Package! In order to make your camping stay in the Kaunertal even more perfect, a temporary camping site with shower, toilets and – very important – garbage cans – will be installed in the valley for the first time. (Think green!)

Please use this fair offer for your relaxed stay in the tent! In general, wild camping is prohibited in Feichten as in any other place! Thanks for your understanding!

So there’s something for everyone – you decide whether you want to stay in your own van or a 3*** hotel (or your wallet 😉). Of course we also have special offers for teenagers and adults. But don’t wait too long, the sleeping possibilities in the Kaunertal are limited.

Also this year there are our unique Early-Bird-Packages. You can find more information here:

Limited packages – better be save than sorry!

Here is your link for the booking:


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