7 weeks – 9 events and 1 pretty sweet snowpark setup for all snow lovers who can`t get enough of the winter. While the days in most of the ski areas are already counted and the snowpark features are piling up again in their garages, the Kaunertal Snowpark will be open again for the best part of the Shred Season – the Spring Classics. If you would like to start your days with a powder run and end them up with some slushy sessions in the park than don´t miss out the Spring Classics.

The Park

Enjoy an unprecedented Slopestyle set up with the Pro and Medium Kicker-Line and a Jib Line, which is a worthy competitor for the Half-Mile-Jib Line from the autumn. Up to 26 back-to-back obstacles and peppered with pole jacks, S-rails and several playful rail, box, tank and tube variants are waiting for you. For the Snowpark Rookies there will be a separate Minishred and a fun wave to try out.

The Events

If this wouldn´t be enough already there are also some more new program highlights next to the event classics such as the Snowboard Spring Break Week.

In anticipation, we proudly present the international snowboard scene as part of the ELOOA GOODTIME CAMPS by NITRO Snowboards. Also we welcome the classic Snowboard Spring Break week, as well the final of the Chill & Destroy Tour – FINAL SHRED and many more. As always, the overall atmosphere will be happy and springy with good beats and vibes at the Chill out Area.

It’s all about the S’s – Spring Classics, Snowpark Kaunertal, Sweet Conditions, Sick Park Setup.

See you at Spring Classics 2017!

22nd of APRIL 2017


Right at the beginning of the Kaunertal Spring Classics, the 7-week event series starts with a highlight: The Chill and Destroy Tour Final – Final Shred.

After five exciting tour stops the best riders will fight on Saturday the 22nd of April 2017 for glory and honor and for sure for the incredible prize money of 1,000 USD.

In addition to the important points for the overall evaluation of the CaD there will be a brutal battle for the valuable world-wide-globe points. So keep your eyes open for some well-known riders.

A perfect park is guaranteed at Kaunertal: All qualified CaD tourstop winners, and invited Wildcard riders, will find the perfect competition area here.

21st – 23rd of APRIL 2017


The Boardpool Spring Camp is also a part of the Spring Classics – they bring together what belongs together – shredding, jibbing and all the things that keeps the fun going in the snow.

Feel like leaving a stressful day behind? Not worry about a thing and still have a perfectly organized weekend? Sounds tempting right?

From the 21st till the 23rd of April you can ride together with the Boarderpool Crew and explore the breath-taking backcountry of the Kaunertal, do an extensive snow tour or jib around the sweet setup of the Snowpark.

For all these different options we offer you the perfect equipment – Come and test all the new stuff at our snowboard-test-area. Check out this awesome offer and secure the coveted places.

More information and booking at:

Booking Happytrails

Facebook Boarderpool

29th of APRIL – 6th of MAY 2017


No Spring Classics without the Snowboard Spring Break Week!

For the 11th time the fun and ambitious Brits will be here to present us the latest equipment for the upcoming winter season 2017/2018. This will be done through the classic daily, freakishly amusing, events like the Waterslide Contest, the Jib the Lip and many more.

The Snowboard Spring Breakers will arrive with the most popular brands and international pro riders in their luggage and louds of super good mood and also most likely with some “Booze”. Don´t miss out on these seven days filled with weirdness.

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29th of MAY 2017


On Saturday the 29th of May 2017 things are getting heated – when the Freestyle-Locals will battle each other on the highest regional level – but only one can be the local winner of 2017. The Oberlandtour takes place for the 5th time and consists of several tourstops.

On a perfectly shaped Slopestyle Spring Park setup all the local shredders from every age will show you the best they’ve got – Fame, recognition and the important tour- and overallpoints are waiting for the local hero.

S A V E  T H E  D A T E

More infos
Facebook Event


12th – 14th of MAY 2017


Watch out the Hessen are coming!

The Hessian Snowboard Championships – Champion Jibs are the seasons highlight for all snowboarders in and from Hesse. The Hessian Championship in slopestyle and snowboard cross are determined in different age classes and a varied Sideevent-program is being offered.

In addition to the two main contests RACE and SLOPESTYLE, there is a coaching, BBQ, Riders-Party, Giant-X meets Banked Slalom, Slopestyle, tabletennis and much more.

13th of MAY 2017


GAME of go-shred geht in die 4. Runde. 100% selfmade, 200% localism, 300% SHRED.

SHRED ENTERTAINMENT of the highest level – Free BBQ, free Spezi, brilliant sound and lots of goodies. According to the go-shred crew everyone is a winner so this day can only be legen .. wait for it .. dary.

20th of MAY 2017


3,2,1 ACTION! 

The guys from PRIME Skiing and PRIME Snowboarding invite you to the “Prime & Shine” session: A whole day spent with photographers and filmmakers who will join you in the park and capture your best tricks.

These great shots of you can be downloaded free of charge. You can add these epic clips to your portfolio, Kaunertal Spring Classics video or just keep them as a good memory of a great day.

21st – 28th of MAY 2017

by Nitro Snowboards

Snowboarding is all about enjoying good times with friends!
This year for the first time the legendary elooa GOOD TIMES CAMP by Nitro Snowboards will be a part of the Spring Classics.

From the 21st to the 28th of May the whole European shred scene will celebrate the end of this snow season together.

Together with the Nitro Global Team and the elooa Crew, creation of unforgettable moments is inevitable. Great music, BBQ and Chill Out Area on the mountain paired with a creative setup and obstacles for all levels will make your shred-hearts leap.

Just like the accommodations, which aren’t only sporty and modern furnished but also located closely to the glacier!

3rd – 5th JUNE 2017


The Final Countdown – the last days for the winterseason 2016/17 are already counted and we will celebrate this season for one more time.

Even the Spring Classics 2017 are nearly over and the last 7 weeks we had a lot of fun in the snow, park and on each sideevent but now we will welcome the summer on the last Spring Classics weekend. On the 3rd – 5th June we initiate the summer – but we will raise the winter for one last time. Don´t miss out the last shred, jip and best park session for this season!

More informations are coming soon!



From 2017-05-15 on all Tyrol Snowcard owners receive the day ticket for only 17,00 €. The Allgäu Card is valid until 5 th of June 2017.



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